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Enterprise Should have ambitious plans ambitious strategy, aim high, ambitious exhibition, which will in the future on the road to show brilliant. Integrity is the Liren, integrity is the way of regulating the family, integrity is the base of dating, honesty is the law of the political, integrity is the soul of business, integrity is the medicine of the soul. Based on integrity, emphasis on integrity, is extremely heavy.
Yuxiang mission: the Luban spirit, hard work, courage and wisdom for the benefit of social
Yuxiang Spirit: committed to innovation and hard work, honesty, dedication, striving for excellence
Yuxiang purpose: to bear the heavy historical responsibility, Albert built a century, the image of the plastic era Genesis brand
Cultural philosophy: to create value for customers, to help employees achieve the ideal, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow
Value concept: for me, one for you, every man for business, business for the country
Business philosophy: - for the enterprise, believed to be the source of benefits
Management philosophy: unity, cooperation, pragmatic and innovative, Strict thin tube, excellence
Service concept: to all customers, creating customer value
Work ethic: a pragmatic, dedicated, efficient and harmonious
Learning philosophy: to learn, hard, good science; life-long learning, lifelong learning