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How to solve the ignition turning on the fan sound, not on fire?
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                                 Generally resulting in "turning the ignition on the fan sound, not on fire" in such cases for the following reasons:
                                  1, the solenoid valve is broken

                                  2, the pressure switch is broken

                                  3, the electrical fault

                                  4, smoke tube blockage

                                  5, ignition pulse loose or broken

                                  6, the gas pressure is too high

                                  7, the internal ground
                                  So how do you deal with these problems?
                                  1, replace the ignition pulse

                                  2, the replacement of the air pressure switch

                                  3, clean up debris clogged pipe

                                  4, replace the motor or capacitor

                                  5, then a good pass pressure tube or encrypt does not leak until the pressure

                                  6, reconnect or replace the controller

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