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How to solve the fan is operating normally, the controller does not ignite, the main controller alarm?
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                                 Generally result in a "fan is operating normally, the controller does not ignite, the master controller alarms" such situations for the following reasons:
                                1, the pressure switch circuit

                                2, the pressure switch is not closed.

                                3, connector poor contact.

                                4, the intake and exhaust port blocking.

                                5, controller failure.
                                 So how do you deal with these problems?
                                1, with a multimeter, if the fan starts before the air pressure switch has been closed on, then replace the power or adjust the air pressure switch.

                                2, if the fan before the start of normal, and after the start of the fan is not closed, you can adjust the pressure switch, if the adjustment
                      Still can not solve the problem, replace the pressure switch. Also check whether the pressure venturi tube or pipe blockage.

                                3, if the connector is bad, then reseat good.

                                4, in front of failure were excluded, check suction and discharge is smooth, or blockage; if the intake and exhaust flow, and then clean up the flue, if clogged then clean up.

                                5,1,2,3,4 faults are excluded, check pulse ignition connector is good contact, whether master 4.5V voltage output.
                      If bad, then good patch; replace if 4.5V output pulse ignition; if not, replace the main controller 4.5V output

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