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How to solve boot fan does not rotate, no ignition?
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Dear customer, hello!
                                      Generally result in a "boot fan does not turn, do not fire" in such cases for the following reasons:
                                     1, the power cord is not connected or damaged
                                     2, electric control box is damaged or bad
                                     3, water pressure is too low
                                     4, line a bad contact
                                     5, the pressure switch bad move or damage
                                     6, water control valve inside the membrane bad
                                     7, micro switch bad
                                     So how do you deal with these problems?
                                     1, power cord or replace the power cord
                                     2, reseat or replace the electrical control box
                                     3, check the water system
                                     4, all the plug wire reconnected again
                                     5, the replacement of the air pressure switch
                                     6, the replacement of the water film
                                     7, the replacement of micro switch
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