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DC motor
(1) applies to domestic gas water heater exhaust fan high;
(2) the motor □ □ brushless DC permanent magnet motor control chip logic control parts, comes with power drive capability, controller and high reliability.
General Purpose models air pressure switch
(1) cavity diaphragm silicone material high temperature resistance (> 200 degrees) and the surface of the silicone diaphragm as molybdenum disulfide skin See all processing, can effectively prevent the operating point drift and condensate stick film phenomenon;
(2)Production processes strict requirements, 100% of the key components of high temperature detection and to import simulation environment testing process, the switch finished products 100% vibration and anti-fatigue testing to ensure consistency of action points;
Cover machine motor

(1) reasonable structure design, low noise, low vibration;
(2) using the optimized design, with high efficiency, can produce significant energy savings;
(3) a large number of options to meet a variety of user requirements for the specifications;
(4) safety performance in full compliance GB12350-2009 Safety requirements of small power motors.

The second condensing heat exchanger
(1)condenser cavity adopt a PPS material integrally molded, high air tightness while high temperature of 240 degrees with antifreeze device;
(2)Internal coil selection Ø20 stainless steel bellows, heat transfer rate can be guaranteed while increasing the overall thermal efficiency of water flow 15-20%;
(3)Inlet and outlet of the bellows using high-frequency welding process, can withstand 1.5-2.0MPa water pressure and no leakage and abnormal noise phenomenon;